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Since independence from France in 1960 Gabon has had just two presidents, with the late, Omar Bongo, in power since 1967. Despite being made up of more than 40 ethnic groups, Gabon has escaped the strife afflicting other West African states. As Gabon’s oil reserves diminish, eco-tourism has been growing in economic importance. The country’s rainforests teem with wildlife, including lowland gorillas and forest elephants. National parks make up around one tenth of the land area. Tourism in Gabon is in its infancy and while the areas that we have selected for our holidays are absolutely wonderful in terms of flora and fauna, it should be remembered that Gabon can be humid for large parts of the year and accommodation while very clean and comfortable is not five star –… Continue reading

Perhaps the most diverse wildlife on the African continent can be found migrating through the endless, unfenced conservation areas of Kenya. Famed for the annual great migration of wildebeest, Thompson’s gazelle and zebra, Kenya offers more than 15 000 square kilometres of spectacular game viewing.

Masai Kenya Pulse Africa

It’s not just the migration of animals that brings visitors back every year. Kenya offers the breathtaking beauty of mountains and deserts, beaches and untouched coral reefs.

Track a plethora of wildlife through the Masai Mara, interact with colourful nomadic tribes, ride a horse in the foothills of Mt Kenya or catch a mighty marlin off Kenya’s sparkling coast.


General Information on Kenya:

Location: East Africa, one of 53 countries on the African continent, straddling the Equator. Borders Ethiopia and Sudan… Continue reading