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Kenya, beautiful sunsets, incredible game viewing and interesting people, all makes a fabulous safari.

Born in Kenya, I spent my formative years in this wonderful country. My father was In the tourism industry and this in part led to our spending many weekends and holidays on safari exploring  the country.

My favourite park has long been the Maasai Mara. Despite its bad press – too many tourists, mini buses and camps – it is astoundingly beautiful with its huge, rolling plains, fabulous sunsets  and varied wildlife.   From just  about  any part of the park, visitors can witness a  huge assortment of wildlife within close proximity ; majestic herds of elephant , quietly browsing ;  tens of thousands of wildebeest always on the move ; prides of lion, idling away the heat of the day; gracious giraffes silhouetting the skyline; striped zebra grazing together with impala and baboons, each helping the other keep a watchful eye for predators. →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading